St Barts

Terms and ConditionsPlease read carefully

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    • RESERVATIONS: A reservation is a 14 day OPTION and will be marked as CONFIRMED when your deposit is received. If no deposit is received the option will be withdrawn.
  • PAYMENT: By bank transfer only. Details will be provided at the time of your reservation. This is the easiest and most secure way to send funds from the USA to another bank.
  • DEPOSIT: A deposit of 30% is required to confirm your reservation.
  • BALANCE: The balance must be sent to us at least 2 months before your arrival date. This includes the 5% room tax. If we have not received the total balance by then we reserve the right to relet the villa. Your deposit and all funds remitted will be forfeited.
  • VILLA RATES: Rates are per week and days are charged at 1/7th the weekly rate. A booking that spans two seasons is charged at the daily rates applicable for the season in which the days are.
  • ROOM TAX: "Taxe de Sejour" or "Room Tax" - Introduced by the local government 01/01/2008 - is payable with the balance. You will be informed of the amount. In case of an annulation the room tax (if paid in advance) will be refunded.
  • LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS: A discount of 20% is offered if there is less than 6 weeks to the booking dates - Payment in is full required at time of booking.
  • INSURANCE - We strongly advise you to take out HOLIDAY INSURANCE for the following reasons :
  • DEPOSIT REFUNDS: We will only refund a deposit if your annulation is more than 6 months from your arrival date.
  • CANCELLATIONS: Should you have to cancel less than six months from your arrival date, we will only make a refund equal to the amount recovered by us and only if we are able to relet the rooms, less 20%. In case of an annulation the room tax (if paid in advance) will be refunded. You may of course change the occupants yourself - to your friends or family etc. at no charge.
  • SUBSEQUENT CANCELLATIONS: Should you have cancelled once we will gladly relet the villa to you. However we will insist on the total rental be paid at the time of booking which will be non-refundable. Holiday cancellation insurance is therefore highly recomeneded.
  • SECURITY DEPOSIT: No Security deposit is required but we do expect you to pay for any important breakages or damage before leaving. Please contact us or get our housekeeper to do so and we will discuss the problem. Normally minor damage is not counted.

  • *IMPORTANT* ARRIVAL is always P.M. - DEPARTURE is always A.M.

  • 1 or 2 BEDROOMS: If 1 bedroom is booked, the 2nd bedroom is locked. You can ask our house keeper to allow you to use it to keep your suitcases out of the way.
  • PROBLEMS: During your stay, should there be a problem, where you request a refund for any reason, this will be dealt with after you have left. This is done in order that we can investigate the problem and ascertain the cause and responsibility. It is not possible to come to a decsion when the parties concerned live on different continents and when the facts are not verifiable immediately.
  • REPEAT BOOKINGS : We give all clients first choice on the same dates for the following year, for example, if your arrival was a Saturday, then even if the following year the date falls on say a Friday or a Sunday, we will expect the period to start with the Saturday. This option is open for 1 month from the date you leave. After this we will try to accomodate you but cannot promise to give you the exact dates again.NOTE This does not apply to last minute bookings.
  • SWIMMING POOL and SPA: Please use the pool responsibly. There is a POOL ALARM which is a FRENCH LEGAL REQUIREMENT. You will be shown how it works but it is your responsibility to ensure that it is SWITCHED ON and WORKING. If there is an accident we, the owners, deny all responsibility. It is your responsibility to ensure that the alarm is turned on. If the alarm is faulty, you must report this to us immediately, again you are responsible.
  • CHILDREN: Please bear in mind that both bedrooms open directly onto the terrace and it is your responsibility to ensure that the pool alarm is turned on and the Spa or Jacuzzi cover is in place. The alarm is only an aid. The best guardian is you. You are the only people responsible for the children in your care.
  • SMOKING: Smoking is not allowed in the bedrooms nor in the lounge (The next guest will certainly know and not be happy) If you have to smoke please do so on the terrace, relaxed in a lounger!
  • VILLA BOOK: There is a very comprehensive Villa Book section here on our website. It contains the answer to most questions but do not hesitate to ask our houskeeper or the agency for help.