St Barts

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DO NOT USE THE BBQ UNDER THE CANOPY OR THE SUN BLIND. Please wheel it out onto the terrace. Be careful parking it against the painted walls!
Make sure the gas is on. Rotate Anticlockwise the top knob on the gas bottle to O = Ouvert (F= Closed) - TURN BOTTLE OFF WHEN NOT IN USE.
To prime the gas: 

On the underside of the regulator attached to the top of the gas bottle, press the little red priming button.You should hear a short and soft “pchssss”.
It may not light on a windy day. So lid closed, turn on left burner, wait a few seconds then sharply push the ignite switch. Then light the other burners.

NOTE: If the bottle is empty it can be changed for a full one (look behind the villa). To undo the gas bottle valve there are spanners etc. in the yellow tool box in the utility room end cupboard. Gas connections turn anti-clockwise or in the reverse direction to other connections! Or ask Eric or Martha !!

To see if the bottle is empty shake it (gas is in liquid form in the bottle). It is also much lighter in weight than a full bottle. PLEASE USE THE WIRE BRUSH TO CLEAN OFF SOME OF THE RESIDUE ON THE GRILLS WHILE THE BBQ IS STILL HOT.

Always preheat the grill, lid closed with the burners on high. To 260/290°C (500/550°F) 10/15 mins
Adjust the burners to the required heat for cooking.
Then wire brush off any food particles, grease etc. 
There are two ways to cook on our BBQ: 
Direct heat (Lid open) for food that cooks quickly like burgers, steaks, chops, boneless chicken fish, shellfish and sliced vegetables.
Indirect heat (Lid closed) for larger, tougher foods like roasts, whole chickens and ribs*
Place large food on a rack inside a drip pan. Use drippings for gravy or sauce.
There is also a plancha tray (no metal tools or forks please)