St Barts

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We suggest you buy a good supply of bottled water from the Supermarket.

Water on the Island is scarce as there are no natural water sources! We either use TOWN WATERwater produced by the desalination plant or WATER TANK water, rainwater that is collected and stored in two tanks under the house (90 cubic meters in total when full)

WARNING: DO NOT drink the tap water. All the locals use bottled water, which is available at all supermarkets.  IF THE VILLA IS ON TOWN WATER you should be told by one of our staff or agents and then do not use the ice from the ice-maker.

The ice from the ice-maker can be used when THE VILLA IS ON THE WATER TANKS, which it will be for the foreseeable future as they are full as of the 1st November 2018, the water is then filtered and and we have never had any problems there. BUT USE THE ICE AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you are concerned do not use the ice-makerice. You can purchase ice in most supermarkets on the island or use the little ice trays with bottled water. There are freezer boxes for your shopping and some Freezer blocks in the freezer to put in them. Replace when finished.

A great idea is to freeze a bottle of water but only 3/4 full. Then top it up when you go out and you’ll have wonderfully cool water for a few hours.

Try not to use water unnecessarily.