St Barts

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The voltage here is 220v and 60hz (not 50hz)*

There are some 220v to 110v transformers in one of the blue plastic baskets in the cupboard plus some USA to French plug adaptors. The pink Ici et la, adaptors are not too safe as the top comes off easily. Use them with care.

•   MAIN CB (CIRCUIT BREAKER): In TOP fuse box under wall carpet in lounge near the toilet.

•   KITCHEN/LOUNGE CB: In BOTTOM of the same fuse box.

•   BEDROOM CB: In fuse box behind the TV in bedroom SABA.

•   SPA CB: In the utility room.

•   POOL CB: In the pool pump room under the terrace.

•   If a fuse trips, flick up the little lever on the fuse, if it trips again call Eric Magras.