St Barts

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Being on a Caribbean Island you cannot avoid some of the strange insects and other animals that co-habit the Island with us.

Tiny little mosquitoes « Yen-Yens » (pronounced Nyang-Nyangs) that fly low around your ankles in the early morning or early evening. Use the repellent « OFF » or similar. Look near the sink or use the tennis bats. Don’t swipe (they will break) just gently move them to the insect and zzzzap.

Being on the leeward side of the island, it is drier than the windward side and there are less mosquitoes here but you just cant avoid them entirely.  The “Off” seems to work well as a deterrent.

At night, light attracts moths of all sizes. Using the outdoor fan helps as well as not using the terrace lights.

If a storm is in the air, you may be an invasion of small flying ants. Just turn out the deck lights, use candles (very romantic) for a while or move inside. Turn on only the parking lights to tempt them away. They can be killed with a spray BUT there are too many. Thats life. Dont try to kill them as you will only ruin the paintwork and there will be lots of them. You will never win.

There also a type of builder wasp that seems to have its body in two parts! It will build several 2 inch long cocoons out of earth and lay eggs in them before sealing them up. The cocoons have holes in the top when the babies are born and fly off. They make a mess but there is little we can do. Ask Martha or Eric to get rid of them if possible. They are very intelligent and watch me when I line up to thwat them, then nip through the opening when I am not looking. Now I close the doors when one comes in and wait, then zzzzap.

Ants can also be a problem. You will see a run of them. They are mostly small but the odd larger ones are the captain soldiers. Again either tell Marta or Eric or you can use the tube of gel in a sort of syringe. Put a drop here and there where they run. There is also a powder in a yellow tube like container that seems to work well.

There are dozens of tortoises, large, medium, small and tiny, around the villa. Take care on the drive down. You could always stop, pick them up and move them to safety. They come out late afternoon on the grass below the terrace.

The lizards feed on mosquitoes, moths and flies, so leave them in peace.

You can often see turtles in the sea close to the shore. They appear as a small white patch and then they dive.

Please Please Please do not feed the wild cats as this encourages them to visit.

The mosquito nets are more to keep the cats out than anything else.

There are no dangerous snakes or beasts here in St Barts. Only other humans!