St Barts

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TEMPERATURE: Set the A/Cs between 24°c and 22°c. It is NOT really necessary for a temperature lower than 22°c. There is a risk of condensation on the walls, if the temperature is very low. Please keep the doors and windows closed when you use any of the A/Cs.

Always point the remote control at the unit for the commands to be registered.
The A/C units in the lounge and in the bedrooms should be turned off if you leave for a while. The rooms keep cool and it only takes a minute or two to cool a room. 

Each bedroom has an A/C unit and there is a remote control by each bed. 
The A/C has been set with NO timer so it should remain on until you press the red on/off button. Please do not set a timer as you will probably have the A/C turn off in the middle of the night.

Slide down the cover to reveal other buttons for:
MODE: Set to COOL. Snowflake will show in window. If not then cycle through MODE until the snowflake appears.
TEMPERATURE INDICATOR LIGHT. Press LIGHT to turn it off. It defaults to ON when the A/C is turned off

Please turn « OFF » the A/C during the day when the bedrooms are NOT OCCUPIED. If the doors are closed and the curtains drawn the room stays cool. 

WARNING: Leaving the A/C on all the time at 18° will cause condensation to run down the walls and introduce mushroom spores into the bedding (not pleasant and not healthy!)
Keep the bathroom door and window slightly but not fully open and the bedrooms stay cool for most of the day.

Help us save energy by using the A/C responsibly.