St Barts




Use the 1st two buttons to activate the various jets. Change the flow with the round knobs on the spa. (3 is not used as it is for a different model). The pumps will stop after a certain time. It’s not a fault. Just wait a minute and star them again.

Very important: 1. Do not go into the spa after using SUN CREAM or with SAND on your feet. It clogs the filters and pumps and the spa has to be drained. We’ll have to charge you! (250$) 2. DO NOT USE GLASSES IN OR AROUND THE SPA or POOL. Broken glass in the Spa or pool is extremely dangerousIt is INVISIBLE. The Spa and Pool have to be drained and refilled. Charge of 250$ for EITHER. USE THE PLASTIC GLASSES.

 Warning: The Waterproof seals in any watch, your Rolex included, are dilated by a short immersion in a heated Spa. Your waterproof watch will be damaged. We cannot be responsible.

SPA COVER. Use the Spa Cover lift. Fold the front part back over the other part then use the lift to pull it up and back. Easily done by one person. The cover should be PUT BACK when not in use. If left off, the spa will get cold!

HEAT: The water heats naturally and has reached 39°+ with the cover closed. The temperature will drop a little over night.


Connect your device only using BLUETOOTH.

1. Turn on the small switch behind the little flap on the side of the spa with the controls. 

2. Then for all Smartphones:  Settings / Bluetooth / Pair with TP-Link_Music (0000 if asked) 

Warning - keep your device well away from the spa!!!!

WATER LEVEL: The water level in the Spa should be Just below the open holes in the pump cover. If it falls below either, ask Eric or Martha to get it topped up or just run in some water from the green hose just outside the utility room or the hose pipe behind the Spa on the villa wall (the tap is in the utility room. Turn off after using the hose.) No harm if it’s too low.

POOL CLEANING: The pool and spa are cleaned twice a week.