St Barts

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The LOCAL Villa telephone number is:                        0590 520 733 
To call the villa from France dial:                                0590 520 733 
To call the villa from the USA or Canada dial:             011 590 590 520 733

To call the villa from anywhere else:                           +590 590 520 733

Only local calls can be made from the villa phones. 
For outgoing international calls please use Skype, Messenger, Facetime etc. 

International dialling to St Barth is:
+ 590 (0)590 and 6 digits for FIXED phones.
+ 590 (0)690 and 6 digits for CELL phones.

There are 3 telephones, one in each bedroom and one in the lounge

There is an ANSWERPHONE on each phone. If there is a message it will flash. Turn off the flashing by listening to the message. There is another message service: Dial 3103 and follow the instructions (sorry but in French only!)
Please replace the telephones in their cradles to keep them recharged. They can be switched around.