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     Dear Guest,

    Welcome to the Villa Henson (also known as Villa Manon), probably one of the best kept secrets on St Barts. These instructions are to help you have a pleasant stay and cover frequently asked questionsTake a moment to glance through them.

    Have a problem? Please check these instructions FIRST. Remember if it is not vitally urgent and can wait until the morning, we will try to sort it out then.

    You can contact Eric Magras (see phone numbers at the end) if it’s urgent, or your local agent first if you came through Ici et La or Marla. Martha can also advise you what to do.

    Although Anne-Marie and I live in France, you can contact us by email. We are 5 hours ahead, so from say 3am ! to about 4pm ST BARTS time.

    We would be delighted to see your comments and there is a Guest Book (red) that also make great reading !!! If you could spare a few moments too and post a review on TRIPADVISOR (Google - tripadvisor villa henson) then scroll down the page on TA until you see WRITE REVIEW. If you do, we will be eternally grateful.

    Very important:

    Please do not go into the spa after using SUN CREAM or with sand still on your feet! It clogs the filters and pumps and the spa has to be drained. We’ll have to charge you!

    Henry and Anne-Marie