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Villa INSTRUCTIONSAll you need to know

Dear Guest,
Welcome to the villa Henson (also known as Villa Manon), probably one of the best kept secrets on St Barts. These instructions are to help you have a pleasant stay and cover frequently asked questions.
Take a moment to glance through them.

If you have a problem please check with these instructions. They may help well help.

Remember if it is not vitaly urgent and it can wait until the morning, we will try to sort it out then.

Although we live in France, you can contact us by email. Of course we are 5 or 6 hours ahead of you here so be patient.
You can also contact Eric Magras (see phone numbers at the end) if it’s urgent or your local agent if you came through Ici et La or Marla.

We would be delighted to see your comments. There is a Guest Book (red) and if you could spare a few moments and post a review on TRIPADVISOR (look up either Villa Henson or Villa Manon) If you do, we will be eternally grateful.
Relax and enjoy yourselves in our villa.


We have high speed Internet in the villa. It is only visible within about 30 meters from the villa and no villa is near enough to be able to « see » the connection. You are safe.
Network: Villa Henson The Wifi code will be given to you seperately
Network: Manon2 - covers the two bedrooms and the terrace. It is an open connection but actually an extension of the main villa network and is therefore secure.
You may also see these Chromecast dongles (more later). They are also secure.
VH Salon TV
VH Saba TV
VH St Eustache TV



The Pioneer Ampli controls what device you watch. Satellite or Chromecast etc. and also controls the sound.
The lounge TV only uses HDMI 1 and acts as a monitor. Other channels are not used. There is no sound from the lounge TV loud-speakers.


All the TVs can show the Dish Network US Satellite and also have a Chromecast dongle attached. The Living room can also have FM Radio from the Pioneer home cinema amplifier. You can connect your device to the Pioneer amplifier using bluetooth or with Chromecast.

Provided your device is connected to our “Villa Henson” network, Chromecast (or CC) allows you to “cast” to any of the 3 TVs any type of media that displays the Chromecast icon shown above, which you should click to cast it. Your device does not have to be set up. However you need to use the CHROME browser. If you use Safari or another browser the icon will not appear.


*The Dish Network Remote Controls are programmed to operate their respective Sony TV (on/off). For the living room the Dish Network Remote Control will operate the Sony tv (on/off) and the Pioneer Amplifier (on/off and volume). Click one of the top buttons. Sat, TV or Aux (=Pioneer ampli), which briefly lights up red then press the on/off button. For the ampli volume press the Aux button then use the volume +/- .

Let’s get started…

Use the Dish Network remote to turn on the Pioneer Ampli or use the ‘Standby/on’ button on the Pioneer remote.


Use wall switch - left of TV. On (1) / Off (0)
Note: Volume of the terrace speakers will be louder than inside.
Please respect the few neighbours.

Now on the Pioneer remote select:

1. SAT for Dish Network Satellite
2. BD for Chromecast
3. BT for your music media via BLUETOOTH
4. IPOD for your music via FRONT USB connected to your iPhone/iPad/iPod etc.
5. CD for your music connect to headphone socket of your device using the 3.5mm jack plug provided.
6. HDMI for front panel HDMI Input (your video media). HDMI cable provided in the small drawer in desk. Please replace after use..
7. TUN for Tuner (radio)

see below for more details:

Dish network with HBO. Turn On using Dish Network remote
(*If you turned on the TV first with this remote you may have to first press the button SAT then ON)

Select SAT on Pioneer remote. Image will appear on TV

Turn on TV Use green ‘On/Off’ button on Sony remote
Press TV then ON on Dish Network remote
There is no sound from TV loud-speakers.
Screen default is HDMI 1. Other channels are not used.


Make sure you use the Chrome browser.
If you see the cast icon, click it and choose the TV you want to cast to.
If you want to change TVs click the CC icon but you have to “disconnect” first.

Living room: If the ampli is on and the media does not play then turn off the ampli and then back on again.

Both bedrooms: Clicking the CC icon will turn on the TV automatically.

If a CC shows up on the wi-fi network list with .b at the end it has a problem. Please ask Eric Magras for help.


Your Music (3 methods)

On the Pioneer Remote:

Method 1. Select BT on Pioneer remote for your music media via BLUETOOTH

Do this once - Turn on your device. Make sure Pairing is on.
Press ‘BT’ on Ampli remote. Press ‘*’ (‘Top Menu’ in blue) Codes 0000, 1234 or 8888 are the only ones accepted. I wasn’t asked for pairing code. The Ampli went straight to ‘Connect’

When connected I played music from iTunes immediately. Some files will not play. Playback performance over Bluetooth is not perfect!

Once paired: Connect / Play / wait for Ampli to display CONNECT (ED)

Method 2. Select IPOD on Pioneer remote for your music via FRONT USB connected to your iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android etc.

Method 3. Select CD on Pioneer remote for your music connected to headphone socket of your device using the 3.5mm jack plug provided

4. Your Films.

If you have an HDMI ‘out’ on your computer use the HDMI cable provided. Please replace after use. Plug in to front HDMI input. Select HDMI on Pioneer remote. Image should appear on TV.

5. Tuner for Radio

Select TUN (Tuner) on Pioneer remote.

Use buttons labeled in BLUE: BAND / -PRESET+ / -TUNE+



The bedroom Dish Network Remote Controls are programmed to operate the Sony TVs (on/off and volume). Select one of the top buttons (Sat or TV) for the remote control to operate that device.

You can turn on the TV with the red “TV” button and turn on the Sat receiver with the red button just above the “TV” button.

Clicking the CC icon on your device and choosing your TV will turn the TV on automatically.

TEMPERATURE: Set the A/Cs between 27°c and 22°c. It is NOT really necessary for a temperature lower than 22°c
Please keep the doors and windows closed when you use any of the A/Cs.
Always point the remote control at the unit for the commands to be registered.
The A/C units in the lounge and in the bedrooms should be turned off if you leave for a while. The rooms keeps cool and it only takes a minute or two to cool a room.
Each bedroom has an A/C unit and there is a remote control by each bed.
The A/C has been set with NO timer so it should remain on until you press the red on/off button. Please do not set a timer as you will probably have the A/C turn off in the middle of the night.
Slide down the cover to reveal other buttons for:
MODE: Set to COOL. Snowflake will show in window. If not then cycle through MODE until the snowflake appears.
TEMPERATURE INDICATOR LIGHT. Press LIGHT to turn it off. It defaults to ON when the A/C is turned off then on later.
Please turn « OFF » the A/C during the day when the bedrooms are NOT OCCUPIED. If the doors are closed and the curtains drawn the room stays cool.
WARNING: Leaving the A/C on all the time at 18° will cause condensation to run down the walls and introduce mushroom spores into the bedding (not pleasant and not healthy!)
Keep the bathroom door and window slightly but not fully open and the bedrooms stay cool for most of the day.

Help us save energy by using the A/C responsibly.

We want you to get the best out of the Spa. Read the manual if not sure about anything.
WARNING: The Waterproof seals in any watch, your Rolex included, are dilated by a short immersion in a heated Spa. Your very expensive waterproof watch will be damaged. Take it off before entering the spa. We cannot be responsible.
Take off the cover. The temperature will drop if left off for a while.
« SPA COVER - IMPORTANT: The cover IS BEST KEPT CLOSED but may be left off during the day or left half open unless the air temperature drops (unusual). Please always replace the cover AT NIGHT and use the clips. This conserves the heat and stops things falling into it.
As the air temperature can reach 37°C and more during the day, the Spa water will heat naturally and it has reached 39°/40° with the cover closed. If you find the water too hot, leave the cover OFF until the water cools.
In fact the temperature is not set as the water heats naturally. Please do not try to over heat it as this may « turn » the water, which is not pleasant.
DO NOT USE GLASSES IF YOU WANT TO DRINK IN OR AROUND THE SPA or POOL. Broken glass in the Spa (and the swimming pool!) is extremely dangerous and the Spa has to be drained and refilled. You will be charged for this. USE THE PLASTIC GLASSES.
WATER LEVEL: The water level in the Spa should be about halfway up the Filter cover. If it falls below either, ask Eric or Martha to get it topped up or just run in some water from the hose pipe behind the Spa.



1. The round entrance to the pool as well as the steps down, can be slippery. Take care when entering the pool.
2. Do not use drinking glass near or in the pool or spa. Use the plastic ones (provided). If broken glass falls in the water it is extremely dangerous as it is invisible and sharp. The pool or spa then has to be drained of 30 cubic meters of water and cleaned. It will take two days to do and you will be charged for this.
*We decline all responsibility in case of an accident. It is your responsibility to see that the alarm is correctly used and functions. Report any faults immediately.
The infrared beams protect the perimeter and the alarm will sound if the beams are broken.
4. If a chair obstructs the beam the alarm will not work.

POOL CLEANING: The pool and spa are cleaned twice a week.

Always lock the villa when you go out.
St Barts is a safe island but locking up is better than leaving the doors open!! Do lock the villa when you leave and do lock your cars when parking around the island.
Each Bedroom key set has its SAFE key and a lounge key.
There is a third safe in the lounge. You set your own code. We have a key should you forget your code!!!
NOTE: To lock the lounge door, close the door firmly and then push the little lever down. Then turn the keyanti clockwise, which will then lock the door. Lock the other lounge doors first from the inside too by flicking the lock down.
NOTE: To lock the two bedroom doors, after closing the door, firmly lift the door handle upwards. The key will then turn fully clockwise and the door will lock.
Ici et La has a spare lounge key, Martha and Eric Magras both have complete sets.

The LOCAL Villa telephone number is:
0590 520 733
To call the villa from France dial:
0590 520 733
To call the villa from the USA or Canada dial:
011 590 590 520 733
International dialling to St Barth is:
+ 590 (0)590 and 6 digits for FIXED phones.
+ 590 (0)690 and 6 digits for CELL phones.
There are 3 telephones, one in each bedroom and one in the lounge and only local calls can be made from them.
For international calls please use Skype, Messenger, Facetme etc.
There is an ANSWERPHONE on each phone. If there is a message it will flash. Turn off the flashing by listening to the meaasge. The is another message service: Dial 3103 and follow the instructions (sorry but in French only!)
Please replace the telephones in their cradles to keep them recharged. They can be switched around.

Turn on the terrace fan using the remote control by the sink.
Set the speed with + or -

OR get the FANELITE App from the App Store and use that!

The gas BBQ must NOT BE USED UNDER THE CANOPY OR THE SUN BLIND. Please wheel it out onto the terrace.
Also please be careful when parking it against the painted walls!
Make sure the gas is on. Rotate the top knob on the gas bottle to O = Ouvert (F= Closed) -TURN BOTTLE OFF WHEN NOT IN USE.
On the valve attached to the top of the gas bottle, press the little red button - where it joins the tube. It’s under the valve on the tube.
The BBQ may not light if there is a lot of wind about. We keep the lid closed, turn on the left burner, wait a few seconds for the gas to arrive and then sharply push the ignite switch. You should then hear the gas light.
Light the others in the same way.
NOTE: If the bottle is empty it can be changed for a full one (look behind the villa). To undo the gas bottle valve there are spanners etc. in the yellow tool box in the utility room. Gas connections turn anti-clockwise or in the reverse direction to other connections!
To see if the bottle is empty shake it (gas is in liquid form in the bottle). It is also much lighter in weight than a full bottle. PLEASE USE THE WIRE BRUSH TO CLEAN OFF SOME OF THE RESIDUE ON THE GRILLS WHILE THE BBQ IS STILL HOT.
Always preheat the grill, lid closed with the burners on high. To 260/290°C (500/550°F) 10/15 mins
Adjust the burners to the required heat for cooking.
Then wire brush off any food particles, grease etc.
There are two ways to cook on our BBQ:
Direct heat (Lid open) for food that cooks quickly like burgers, steaks, chops, boneless chicken fish, shellfish and sliced vegetables.
Indirect heat (Lid closed) for larger, tougher foods like roasts, whole chickens and ribs*
Place large food on a rack inside a drip pan. Use drippings for gravy or sauce.
There is a plancha tray (no metal tools or forks please)

There is a utility room behind the villa. You are welcome to use the machines but please ask Martha first.
Also, please do not use the machines when Martha comes to do the housework.
Many returning clients like to leave sun-beds, sun creams etc. for their next visit. LEAVE THOSE ITEMS IN THE PUMP ROOM UNDER THE TERRACE. WITH YOUR NAME ON AND PACKED/WRAPPED IF POSSIBLE. Wine will spoil if left in the pump room so either drink it or leave it for the next guest!
The housekeeper is there to keep the villa clean and she will spend 2 hours at the villa each day except Sundays and bank holidays.
If the times are not convenient ask Martha to come at a different time but please understand that she has other employment obligations and cannot always change to a time of your choosing.
Her telephone number is 06 90 35 72 98 (This is a cell phone number and cannot be called from the villa phones)

Water on the Island is scarce as there are no natural water sources! We either use the water produced by the desalination plant (TOWN WATER), which is very expensive or rainwater that is collected and stored in two tanks under the house (90 cubic meters in total when full)
DO NOT drink the tap water. Buy bottled water.
The water in the fridge dispenser is turned off. The ice can be used as it is frozen and is filtered from either mains water (desalinated) or tank water and we have never had any problems there. If you are concerned do not use the ice maker. You can purchase ice in most supermarkets on the island or use the little ice trays.
Try not to use water unnecessarily.

The voltage here is 220v and 60hz (not 50hz)*
There are two small 220v to 110v transformers in one of the blue plastic baskets in the cupboard plus some USA to French plug adaptors.
MAIN CIRCUIT BREAKER: In TOP fuse box under wall carpet in lounge near the toilet.
KITCHEN/LOUNGE CBs: In BOTTOM of the same fuse box.
BEDROOM CBs: In fuse box behind the TV in bedroom SABA.
SPA CB: In the utility room.
POOL CB: In the pool pump room under the terrace.
If a fuse trips, flick up the little lever on the fuse, if it trips again call Eric Magras.


Please respect the check-out time. New guests will be arriving later that day and Martha has to prepare the villa for them.
If you flight from St Barts is in the afternoon think about having a goodbye lunch in one of the restaurants. The choice of food available in the airport in St Martin is very poor.
The St Barts Airport restaurant is good but busy.
The little restaurant “Le Jardin” opposite the terminal is great.

We have many returning guests, as I am sure you appreciate and several guests who want your dates so….
If you wish to rebook please do so within one month of leaving.
After that time we cannot guarantee you the same week/s.
We do get booked ahead fast as the villa is very popular!

The Hurricane season is generally thought to be from August to October. There have been hurricanes even in January but that is a very rare event.
If you happen to be caught on St Barts with a hurricane please read this section entirely. YOU WILL BE VERY SAFE IF YOU FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS. NO NEED TO PANIC!
After the 2017 hurricane - class 5 (it should be a 6 really), we will not allow any client to stay in the villa. We will not be responsible for any client who will not move to a designated safe place. The villa must be closed. There will be no Internet, no TV, no A/C as the Mains electricity will be turned off. It was left on for Hurricane Irma and this ruined the Spa and other electrical equipment.
If you came through either “Ici et La” or “Marla” do call them if you are concerned.
What we can't do: Move you to other accommodation or give you a refund (act of God !). There are special shelters in designated buildings. Make your enquiries before the Red Alert.
You should have plenty of warning and time to find shelter.
Listen to the radio or Internet for instructions.
Go to the Collectivity of St Barthelemy’s website for details. Here.
(* There is an underline between “plan” and “cyclone”)
Use the battery radio only if the electricity has been cut off.
Tune into:
Radio St Barts 100.7 FM also on Internet
Radio Transat 95.5 FM also on Internet
Or use the search (Tune + or -) on the Pioneer ampli to tune into a local station if the settings have been altered.
and/or follow the hurricane’s progress HERE on the Internet: <>
(* There is an underline between “gtwo” and “atl”)
Or GOOGLE: NHC (National Hurricane Centre)
There is a very good weather website HERE
The Warnings and four main levels of Alerts:
Yellow alert – The hurricane is expected soon – You can still leave the island.
Orange alert – The hurricane is imminent - You can no longer leave the island. The shops and the administrative buildings are now closed. You must go to the public shelter chosen.
Red alert - You should now be inside the designated shelter. Listen to Radio St Barth for instructions.
Violet alert – The hurricane is here, (if you haven’t noticed!) You are forbidden to go outside. The emergency services will not respond.
During the period Violet you are must stay inside.
During the Violet alert – It can happen (and it did with Earl, Gonzalo and Irma) that the eye of the hurricane passes over St Barts. You may think that the storm has abated because the wind has dropped. This calm period can last several minutes or even longer but as the eye passes the winds will pick up from the opposite direction and fast. Wherever you are do not go out during this time.
Things like fridges or metal roof plates can be flying around. They are mortal.
The end of the alert will be given over the radio.
Be careful as there are 2 possibilities:
Grey alert – You can now go outside and the danger is over.
Orange alert - You can now go outside but the hurricane has turned around and is heading back. (As did Louis in 1965)
We will not be held responsible if you fail to go to a designated safe place

So what’s it like? : EARL passed as a level 3 Hurricane with winds of up to 200 kph and 7 meter waves. Here the damage was to the foliage. The leaves and branches were everywhere but no structural damage occurred to the villa. We had to clean the villa walls with the Karcher immediately. If we had left it till later they would be stuck firm.
The pool was full of leaves but was soon cleared with the net.
The pool cleaners were at the villa very quickly to get it all cleared up properly.
We saw one idiot leave Gustavia harbour in his Catamaran and sail past us to Grand Colombier. He left at about 6pm just as the order not to put to sea had been implemented. He was fished from the sea and his Catamaran was in a 1000 pieces on the beach.
We were confined 20 hours in the lounge!

Then Gonzalo in 2014. It arrived on the eastern side of the island as a tropical storm but actually made landfall as a category 2 hurricane and caught everyone by surprise. It left as a category 3. We were ready by early afternoon and the winds got too strong by about 5pm. When the eye came over Eric came down to see us, had a lobster that Anne-Marie had prepared and went back as the eye passed and the wind picked up again. Again no major damage on the island and the clearing up was done brilliantly by all concerned.

Then came Irma! The strongest ever Atlantic hurricane with gusts of 460 kilometres per hour. (about 290 mph). Earthquake activity was recorded on the island but it was the force of the wind shaking everything, trees, villas etc. We were relatively lucky but still suffered lots of damage. The stories of people’s lucky escapes convinced us that no one should remain in the villa during one. They are fickle things and change speed and direction without warning.
The villa still has a few scars from the 2017 hurricane and we apologise for that. All will be rectified by your next visit !

Being on a Caribbean Island you cannot avoid some of the strange insects and other animals that co-habit the Island with us.
There are the small « Yen-Yens » (pronounced Nyang-Nyangs) that fly low around your ankles in the early morning or early evening. They are little mosquitoes. Use the repellent « OFF » or similar. There may be some near the sink. Or have fun with the tennis bats. Do not swipe (they will break) just gently move them to the insect and zzzzap.
At night, light attracts moths of all sizes. Using the outdoor fan helps as well as Dimming the terrace lights. Push and hold the deck light switch.
Some times, if a storm is in the air, you may have an invasion of small flying ants. Just turn out the lights and use candles (very romantic) for a while. You could turn on only the parking lights to tempt them away. They can be instantly killed with a fly spray BUT be warned they come in their thousands, look disgusting, make a real mess but are harmless. That’s life. Dont try to kill them as you will only ruin the paintwork and there will be lots of them. You will never win.
There also a type of builder wasp that seems to have its body in two parts! It will build several 2 inch long cocoons out of earth and lay eggs in them before sealing them up. The cocoons have holes in the top when the babies are born and fly off. They make a mess but there is little we can do. Ask Martha or Eric to get rid of them if possible. They are very intelligent and watch me when I line up to thwat them, then nip through the opening when I am not looking. Now I close the doors when one comes in and wait until they settle then zzzzap.

There are no dangerous snakes or beasts here in St Barts.
There are dozens of tortoises, large, medium, small and tiny, around the villa. Take care on the drive down.
You can often see turtles in the sea close to the shore. They appear as a small white patch and then they dive.
Please Please Please do not feed the wild cats as this encourages them to visit.
The mosquito nets are more to keep the cats out than anything else.

We’d love to hear from you, good or bad!
Please contact us at MAIL@HENRYBARNETT.FR with any comments or suggestions.
We take all good or bad comments seriously and appreciate them as well as acting on them.
There is a visitors’ book that you can use as well. It makes for some good reading.
Should you need to contact us directly, please do so by email.
Upper or lowercase (it makes no difference)
Or use the contact page from our website.

Visitors book
There is a visitors’ book that you can use as well. It makes for some good reading.
TO CHECK FUTURE AVAILABILITY click on the « Availability » menu item
NOTE: If you came through an agent we must respect that and although you are welcome to enquire directly to me the booking will be with the agent.


Doctor on Call 0590 27 76 03
Pharmacy 0590 27 61 82 (Gustavia)
0590 27 66 61 (St Jean)
Hospital (Gustavia) 0590 27 60 35
Gendarmes (Police) 0590 27 60 12
ICI ET LA 0590 27 78 78
MARLA 0590 27 62 02
MAINTENANCE: (9am to 7pm) – Villa Henson
Martha 06 90 35 72 98 - Housekeeper
Eric Magras 0690 41 94 52 - General maintenance
Pool and Spa: Gregoire Libeau
SATELLITE Ideal St Barth 0590 52 09 08
A/C Maintenance Call Eric Magras